Driving Business Growth Through Strategic Inbound Call Marketing

  • Ready to Boost Your Sales with Targeted Inbound Calls? 
  • How Could Leveraging Inbound Calls from Facebook, YouTube, and Display Ads Elevate Your Customer Engagement? 
  • Want to Turn More Calls into Customers? 
  • If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! Discover how Prosperity Inbounds can elevate your business with targeted inbound call strategies. 
Your In-House Media Team Making Every Call Count

Think of us as the missing piece in your digital marketing puzzle – the team that turns your online presence into real-world profits through the power of inbound calls.

Is Your Business Answering the Call to Success?

In a world where every ring could mean a new opportunity, are you truly maximizing the power of inbound calls? It's not just about answering the phone; it's about unlocking a world of potential with each conversation. Discover how Prosperity Inbounds can transform these calls into your most valuable asset.

Our Expertise

Our strategy at Prosperity Inbounds hinges on three core platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and Display advertising


With its vast user base, Facebook offers unparalleled targeting capabilities. We create customized, compelling ads that speak directly to your target audience, inspiring them to take the next step and reach out to your business.


As the world's second-largest search engine, YouTube offers a unique opportunity to capture audience attention through engaging video content. Our team designs and optimizes video ads that not only captivate but also encourage viewers to make that all-important call.

Display Advertising

We utilize the expansive network of display advertising to place your brand in front of potential customers across the web. Our ads are designed to be both visually appealing and strategically positioned to maximize visibility and response.

Why Burst Revenues?
Our Difference

Because we’re not just any agency; we're your in-house media team. We dive deep into your brand, learning everything there is to know, and then use that knowledge to create campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our approach is personalized, our methods are proven, and our goal is simple: to make every call a step towards success.

In Business since 2010 $50 million in company lifetime revenues generated

Satisfied Multi-million dollar clients, including:

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The Burst Revenues Method: A 5-Step Journey to Transforming Inbound Calls into Business Success

Step 1

Understanding Your Market

Step 2

Strategic Ad Placement

Step 3

Crafting Engaging Content

Step 4

Converting Inquiries into Relationships

Step 5

Continuous Improvement through Analysis

Lead Generation:

"Burst Revenues can also run lead generation and ecommerce offers with very high EPCs. If you have something that might fit please contact us here"



Brian Kohn

  • 20 years of performance marketing experience
  • Millions of dollars of revenue generated
  • Hundreds of advertiser connections
  • Thousands of publisher connections

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